вторник, 29 марта 2011 г.

Cat Fight 2011(Levi, Finland)

BATTERY CATFIGHT 23-27.3.2011, LEVI, Finland The Battery Catfight, previously known as Oakley Girlsessions, first organized in 2004 to gather all girls to enjoy great spring conditions on the Slopes, Parks and Pipes. This year we get to Cat Fight in a big girls team! It was so cool!

Our girlie team from Russia

Сonstruction of the park

Cool snow-park for 4 star TTR Slop Style contest and Enni Rukajarvi on the start

Heating up before railjam contest in the small snow park

Secret spot for the Rail Jam contest. It was built the day before the contest and after the event immediately removed...Video report from the Rail Jam contest

Me and Maria Kariniemi. She is a cool skier!!!

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